Pratik Gupta

Co-Founder, Zoo Media & FoxyMoron

Suveer Bajaj

Co-Founder, Zoo Media & FoxyMoron

Vivek Das

Chief Executive Officer

Dhruv Warrior

National Creative Director

Naman Surana

National Business Director

Nakul Dutt

National Strategy Director

Alin Choubey

Business Head - North

Keerthi Kumar

Business Head - South

Shubit Rakshit

Business Director - West

Purnima Bali

Creative Director (Copy) - North

Aaron Hamilton

Creative Director (Copy) - North

Priyanshi Shah

Creative Director (Copy) - West

Arnaz Irani

Creative Director (Copy) - West

Aditya Mehra

Creative Director (Copy) - South

Neha Battoo

Creative Director (Art) - North

Sujai Chandran

Creative Director (Art) - South

Aakash Dwivedi

Associate Design Director

Reeti Sharma

Account Director - North

Siddhant Desai

Account Director - South

Ankit Kini

Account Director - West

Akshit Baluja

Director - ORM, Listening, & Analytics

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