Sujai Chandran

Creative Director (Art) - South
Sujai Chandran

A Creative Director with over 8 years in the Creative industry with a majority of that in marketing, trying to form creative solutions is what he does best. But what he does like more, is forming creative teams.

With the belief that we as marketers are also storytellers, he looks at creativity and narratives as a beautiful way of making a difference, in whatever way possible. The aim ultimately is to create work that can cross boundaries and tell beautiful stories. Having worked across various sectors over the years, while tackling different forms of creative communication, Sujai brings about his knowledge as an Architect in the way he goes about breaking down ideas that can bring about change for some of the biggest brands around – Wrangler, TVS, Netflix, SuperCoffee, Wildcraft, UpGrad, RedBus, Kellogs, JK Fenner, Arrow, to name a few.

An avid sports enthusiast, and one constant to bring about a little humour, a little wit in anything he does – he truly believes that one can always be better, and do better.


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